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Bella's Page

Available for Adoption: 02/07/2024

Age: 4-5yrs

Breed: DNA Results

Size: Compact medium lowrider. 55lbs. Trimming down after giving birth.

Spayed: Yes.

Vaccinated: Yes.

Energy Level: Low. Pro napper.

Likes: Short walks. Sleeping under the blanket on a cozy bed.

Dislikes: Rain. Loud machines.

Bella has been coming out of her shell and will be ready for adoption late January/early February. She’s shy in new and overwhelming situations, but is an affectionate, low energy family pet.

She’s been social with my pack, but not interested in playful romping with animals. She should get along with any animal who is calm, gentle, or indifferent to her. She naps with my kids. We unanimously love her in our house, which is rare!

She’s a low energy gem. A few short potty walks a day, a cozy place to nap, and lots of love and she’ll be a happy girl! Perfect for home bodies who want a companion.

DM with questions or email directly!

Bella's partial DNA results image